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Squire, a greatly appreciated help, with your support, I can commit more time to offer regular content on the channel, while you can view the Patreon content as well.

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With your valued help, not only can I commit to further content but also look to invest in equipment and resources to give greater value to our community.

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Shield Bearer, you are right there helping me with your support, Not only can I commit more time to offer regular content on the channel and invest for future projects but with credits on those vids and a merchandise discount, I can really say thanks for your help. 




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About Wessex Blades and Bush Craft

Thank you for supporting Wessex Blades, your contribution gives me greater freedom to provide further content, invest in equipment and allows you involvement in the future 
After being on You Tube for 10 years, I will continue creating content for the Wessex Blades channel FOR FREE, this is a great way for followers to get something out of my experience in Engineering and Education whether the it's entertainment, workshop tips and tricks or simply enjoying my filming at a weekend gathering..
 I'm sure you will be aware of time spent making bespoke knives and leather work, and whilst this is hugely satisfying there are slim margins when set against the time taken and so to also create content on the drastically changing reward format of the You Tube platform engulfs vast tracts of time which really showed my commitment to keep the channel running..
With your support I look forward to continue to grow the channel and value to the knife making and bushcraft/outdoors community that has supported me so well since I started over a decade ago.Producing content, even simply filming as I work does not come without a cost with the tripod positioning, framing, data transfer, video editing/uploading.
Most importantly you will have video access on this Patreon from the lowest tier of $1,I am not looking to take money from anyone who could be financially struggling, I know what that life feels like, fundamentally it is the video creation I want to share with you all and if you can equate this lowest tier it is less than a cup of coffee per month to be a part of this.
For these last few years it is the community I want to film for and while in the past many "patrons" may have donated boxes of wood, or brass bars etc to give me a helping hand to continue to create videos as I got around to use what they had given. This Patreon will allow you to help me free up a set time to create better content and also get outdoors.
Should any of you wish to really make a difference who have a greater interest in the things I do and make, the higher tiers would allow me to put the funds to support the videos etc.
As things evolve I look forward to hearing from you regarding each upload and ideas for the future, thanks for all your support, Scott from Wessex Blades.
$25 – reached! per month
This will support an outing where I can set up a camp outdoors, showing my rationale for gear, a few items in detail and how they are used on the day out.
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