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Live life and spread good vibes.

You'll get:

  • early access to the upcoming month's Spotify Playlist of all songs curated for the Sounds of series,
  • early access to Lists series,
  • all new posts delivered straight to your inbox, and
  • all exclusive patron-only content.
Real Talk 🙏🏼
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Let's talk about it.

You'll get:

  • early access to our brand new Conversations series where you'll hear from your new favorite creator, and
  • to suggest questions and creators for us to interview next, 
  • a surprise note in the mail, and
  • everything in the Good Vibes ✌🏼tier.
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Sending you joy, straight to your mailbox.

  • On your first 2 month-versary of your patron membership, you'll receive a postcard in the mail. Specifically awesome postcards from our travels or really beautiful cards created by local artists.
  • You'll also get everything in the Good Vibes ✌🏼& Real Talk 🙏🏼tiers.



About west & ease

west & ease
a collection
stories, sounds, knowledge, visuals, and "creative" work

Why Patreon? Patreon is a fantastic way to show your support for west & ease. While this project is meant to be an outlet to create, it also takes a great deal of time to seek inspiration, write, shoot, edit, and curate content.

What to expect? By joining in on the west & ease community on Patreon, you'll be able to get patron-only content, early access to Spotify playlists, snail mail, and a lot more of the rough ideas. 

What's west & ease about? Music, art, travel and a little bit of everything in between. 
  • We write about the latest music, musicians, and anything audio-related we love each month in our Sounds of series and provide an accompanying Spotify playlist. 
  • We create long-form travel guides for everything you need to know to plan your next trip. 
  • We also compile our favorite things, places, whatever in no-fuss Lists to let you know how you can experience it too. 
  • Lastly, we also host Conversations with your next favorite creator to learn about who they are, what they love, and their inspiration.

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