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Hi there! My name is Kate and I draw a webcomic called West. Thank you for checking out my Patreon page. To keep it short and sweet, I love creating this comic alongside my fulltime job and any support you'd like to give would be a welcome surprise. The pledges I receive here go entirely toward West, be that in advertising, websites, printing, equipment, or paying to keep the roof over my head.

Just to clarify, my stories and art will always be free to read online, but having a little support from those who enjoy them means that when disaster strikes (laptop breaks, rent is due) things won't be such a nightmare.

Thank you for any and all support you have shown West already, and if you fancy donating anything here thank you very much again. I appreciate it more than anything.

$12 of $30 per Page
I will create a PDF download of as much of the process work from all pages in chapter one as I can find (besides the work I lost when my laptop died for good, those babies are long gone). You'll see raw sketches, line work, shading, colouring and any other steps.
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