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is creating beauty in the male form with adventures around the world

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About West Phillips

Two things that dominate my life are travel and photography, so I've created this page as a way to share some of my stories and experiences thus far. There are so many amazing, beautiful people and places I've encountered around the world and I look forward to discovering even more! 
I'm originally from the U.S., but have lived abroad off and on for the past several years. Most of my time was spent living in China, though I can also claim Taipei, Bangkok and London as  temporary home cities as well. Despite spending so much time abroad, the reality is that the more I travel, the more new places that pop up on my radar and my list of go-to places only seems to grow. One thing I particularly love about traveling so much is the ability to meet locals in these new places and usually get at least 1 or 2 photo shoots out of the trip. Some trips are specifically intended and planned in advance for photo shoots, but every now and then other things are on my agenda and I end up somewhere with no model lined up and no luck finding one last minute (Greece, Spain, Portugal). Over the years I've balanced my 2 photography careers - 1 being male portraiture and the other my travel and cultural work. I've had clients from both genres, though as far as social media is concerned, the male portraiture is the big one for me. It seems to be easier to gain 'fans' & followers when you're posting images that show a lot of skin. No kidding.
Now you have a little bit of background and it should be no surprise that this page will be dedicated to what the masses seem to want to see - the MEN. This page will be different from my other social media channels, as it will be more interactive and personal, intimate. I've received countless requests for nudes and uncensored images - those which I obviously can't post on Instagram & Facebook. While I will not share ALL of my nude work or even all of my nude models, I will share some here for people to enjoy and hopefully appreciate. Some of the posts will be simple shirtless models, others will be more implied nudity and then some of course will be full, artistic nudity - regardless of the content, I hope that each can be respected and appreciated by you, the viewer. There are some specific models I've photographed nude, but have never shared the images, despite the numerous requests. In such a case, those images will likely be used towards a future book and will not appear on this site...yet. 
In addition to my past and future publications, collectors prints are also available for purchase.
Lastly, I'd like to do more than just post various images from over the years. I'm also sharing back stories and information from the images I post - how I met the model, how the photo shoot came to be, anything notable or interesting about the model, the situation, etc - anything to allow the viewer some insight into the image(s).

I look forward to the opportunity to continue creating new art and memories to share from around the world and your support helps make that a reality, so thank you!

Please check out my website for a collection of some of my work: 

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