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About We Went There Podcast

We Went There is an action-driven podcast that serves current events, deep dives into important topics with a side of pop culture scrutiny. Each episode, Nikki and Carly will start off with their segment "Big Question Little Question", in which each host asks each other a deep question and a silly question. They then get into the main part of the episode. If they have a guest, they will discuss the guest's background and current projects. If we don't have a guest, there's a dedicated topic for every episode. Past topics have been mental health, celebrities use of social media, the immigration crisis, and body positivity. The goal of every episode is to make sure that the listeners walk away from every episode with hands-on action items that they can employ to make the world a better place. We Went There will be released weekly on Tuesdays "wherever podcasts are found". Season 1 wrapped in May 2018, and season 2 is set to launch in the fall of 2018.

Nikki and Carly met in college amidst one of the most politically charged eras in U.S. history in a while. They instantly bonded over their love for similar pop culture antics and food, as well as their love for social justice. They ironically enough met at a meeting for their University's Women's Center. While attending the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in Washington D.C., they lobbied on Capitol Hill. They celebrated with a few other friends over happy hour ($1 margaritas, anyone?). In a giggly Lyft ride to the hotel, they said simultaneously... "we should start a podcast!" From then, it was history.

Carly is a social work major in college and is heavily involved in the Urban Arts Theatre. In that group, she works on spoken word and theatre. She is also involved in the Women's Center at school. One of her hobbies is photography. Follow her InstagramTwitter, and follow her spoken word Instagram. Nikki is a young professional that has been working in PR since June 2017. She’s a content creator with an interest in politics, activism, health and wellness and more. Besides the podcast, she's also a contributor to several feminist publications like Ms Magazine. See all of her work here.
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