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About Whack A Troll

I am building an online service/community that pulls potentially hateful tweets from Twitter, grades their hatefulness, then reports the truly hateful tweets to Twitter. The first version of this app launched in August 2019 and it has been doing what it's intended to do: get Twitter to take action on tweets that appear to be clear Terms of Service violations on their platform. With your help, I can scale this up to whack more hate speech.

Whack A Troll's first whack at whacking trolls was to look for particularly hateful tweets aimed at US Congresswomen, Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib. The app pulls in tweets aimed at the two of them, then uses a machine-learning algorithm to determine whether they're legitimately hateful (or false-positives) then reports offending tweets to Twitter. Twitter doesn't take action on every reported tweet but they do on a lot. This action can range from temporarily suspending a user until they remove an offending tweet up through permanently shutting down a Twitter user's account.

When Twitter reports back daily with which accounts/tweets they've taken action on, that report is processed to look back through the Twitter history for each of those offending accounts to see if they have additional tweets worth reporting. Matching tweets are reviewed and reported to Twitter when justified.

This Phase II feature is called the Violating Users Smackdown. One example of a type of Tweet it catches is Twitter users who're returning from suspensions only to tweet about being suspended while tweeting what got them suspended. Slow learners.

Why pay for this?

Maintaining and growing this service costs money. Money for hosting the code and a growing database of finely curated hate tweets, machine learning services, and human workers who help rate tweets the machine learning algorithms can't say with confidence are hateful or not.

This service can grow in a lot of ways, including ingesting far more tweets, taking on hate speech in a wide variety of subjects, monitoring tweets aimed at far more people, enabling use by far more users, etc. This all costs time and money to build.

Beyond covering our hard costs, by having enough money to justify investing in additional software development, I can add features that will make this far more powerful. 

Member Benefits?

  1. Join the hottest club on the internet devoted to whacking trolls.
  2. I'll keep you updated on how your money is being spent to whack trolls.
  3. You can help report trolls that we should keep an eye on.
  4. I will explain how the technology works.
  5. I will provide examples of tweets that have been removed and hateful accounts that have been whacked.
  6. I will provide examples of the latest forms of hate speech targeting the users we try to protect and other quirky trends in hate speech.
  7. Merch: magnets, t-shirts, what else would you like?
$36.72 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 per month, I'll have a hate Tweet monitoring service that more than covers its software costs. 

You can feel good knowing that you helped make this experiment in positivity a sustainable project. 

Growing beyond $500/month allows for more hate tweets to reviewed and reported, and more time invested in scaling up the power and sophistication in WhackATroll's platform.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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