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An egg is laid! This is just a tip jar if you want to show your support, regardless of the amount. And as thanks, here's what you'll be getting:
  • Name in Credits
  • Teaser Art & Animation


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You hatched! Get access to breakdown/process, plus an inside scoop on any animations (fanimated or shorts) I’m working on. You also get to see my animations first before it's posted online.
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The first step into adventure. Go behind the scenes on current and future animation projects from my personal ones. It'll include pitch/story bible assets, storyboards, animatic, and design sheets. And yes, you still get the previous awards.
  • Previous Awards
  • Production Notes
  • Concept Art
  • Cut Content



About WHATiFGirl

Welcome. My name is Guia Longasa. I am also known as WHATiFGirl or WHATiF online. I'm a freelance 2D animator based in Philadelphia, who's very passionate about creating characters and stories. I have many personal projects I am working on, and I hope to publish them in the future.

Why Patreon? Supporting me will allow me to dedicate more time towards creating more of what I love, purchase better equipment and programs, and work towards making these ideas I have in my head a reality. If you're not into paying monthly, you can always leave a tip on my ko-fi page. Even if you can't, your love and support are always appreciated.

If you have any questions about me or any of my works, please don't hesitate.
Thank you for looking and have a nice day.

Other Places to Find Me
ArtStation (Main Portfolio)
DeviantArt || Instagram || Picarto.TV || Twitter || Vimeo || Youtube
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Not sure what to add other than a big thank you! I might consider streaming some more.
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