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Does anybody read blogs anymore?  Who knows.  

But once a week (sometimes every other week depending on #DadLife) I will share some of my deepest, unedited thoughts with you.  


Rather than try to craft the perfect blog post for you, I will take something from my own personal reading time (Bible, book, article, etc.) and share my unedited thoughts on it.  

What will this look like?

I’ll sit down at my computer and give myself no more than 30 minutes to write whatever comes to mind.  I’ll go back and edit for spelling and grammar, but will let the thoughts be what they will be.  

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For the price of a couple of lattes I'll share some stuff that's in the works with some bonus commentary.

Once every other month you'll get a early access to an upcoming interview or episode that I'm particularly excited about and I'll include a special intro where I'll talk to you, my Patrons, about why I'm most excited about it,  what might have made me feel uneasy in the episode, what challenged me, what I learned, etc.  

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$12/month gets you a bonus weekly blog post, bi-monthly early access to an upcoming podcast, AND access to a Marco Polo group where you, I, and other $10 and higher Patrons can send video messages back and forth every day!  I will also occasionally invite various podcast guest to join us for a week at a time so you can ask them questions and interact with them as well.

(** Once I'm notified that you sign up I will email you a link to download the Marco Polo App and join the group!)




Hello friend, thanks for dropping by.  My name is Glenn and I'm the host of the What If Project podcast.  I work at an Apple Retail Store and used to pastor a church.  I say "used to" because I don't do it anymore (in the traditional sense of the word, anyways).  It's not that I gave up on the church or God or anything like that.  


... I just got tired, I got tired of the politics of the church.  

Tired of being hesitant of what to preach.  

Tired of wondering how to word something in a sermon so I didn't make half the church angry.  

Tired of being responsible to get more money in the plates.  

Tired of the late night board meetings where we'd talk about stuff that didn't really matter.  

Tired of always feeling like I needed to do more.  

Tired of never having done enough.  


Tired of the stories of people who swear they'll never step foot in a church because of how they were shamed by the church growing up, made to feel like God was angry at them, made to feel like they didn't matter or weren't good enough because of who they were, how they lived.  

So tired.

And so I went and got a job at Apple where I've been working in one of their retail stores for the last TEN years.  But since I love school so much and missed seminary (yeah, I'm weird), I decided to go back and get my doctorate.  I graduated in May 2019 after defending a 170 page dissertation that tackled the topic of how the church can utilize social media and technology to make a difference in the world.  

And so here I am, working to make a difference.  

The What If Project is like a lifeboat that travels behind the cruise ship of the Evangelical Church, catching all the people who fall off or jump off or get pushed off.  

It's a place for the misfits.  

A place for the people who have questions.  

A place for the people who are tired of simple answers.  

A place for people who think differently.  

A place for people who always wanted to be accepted, but never felt like they could be accepted in the church.  

A place for people who long to feel loved, to hear that they're loved, to hear the Good News of Jesus' Gospel - that everyone is welcome, even them.

It's not a place to take the place of church, mind you.  I guess it could be that for some people, but it's not necessarily designed to be.  It's meant, rather, to be an oasis for people who have fallen off the cruise ship of the church or mainline Western / North American evangelical Christianity (i.e. Jesus died for your sins so that God wouldn't have to have you tortured when you die - believe it, tell everyone about it, and be thankful you're not going to hell) and find themselves wading through the dry sands of the desert ... feeling drawn to God and Jesus, but feeling like the God and Jesus they are drawn to aren't reflected all that well in the church or Christianity.  

That said, we explore 1 big question:

What if there are ways of understanding God, faith, the Bible, spirituality, etc. that are different than the ways our traditions have handed us?  

Yes, what if?

And so if you haven't thrown your computer or phone through a window yet and you're interested in supporting this project, you'll see a few different levels of sponsorship inviting you to pledge a certain amount of money each month, all of which have their own reward as my way of saying, "thank you".  

Whatever money you decide to give will go towards paying for the hosting fees of the website, the podcast, etc. with the ultimate goal of one day being able to drop to part-time at Apple so I can devote more time to the community we're building on the podcast.

Take a look around and thanks so much for the consideration.  Much love to you and yours.

- Glenn
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$500 a month would put me well on my way to moving towards the dream of doing this on a part-time and eventually full-time basis.  The What If Project is something that has been growing in my heart for a long time and my dream is to write, podcast, and hit the streets of North Carolina and beyond all day, everyday.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 73 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 73 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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