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  • Occasional bonus content (outtakes & shorts)
  • A better chance of getting your question answered as an add-on or in our monthly Patron-only story!
  • A Short Shout Out: Share your child's name and their favorite character to get your shout out scheduled!

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You're helping us explore every corner of What If World. How many cool surprises will we find together?

  • All previous rewards (but note the Shout Out upgrade!)
  • A Shout Out on the show for one child. Tell us their favorite character and one tidbit to share! We'll also say their siblings' names :)
  • Bonus Audio: our interview show, "What Is Wiz" and more!
  • Exclusive Swag mailed to one child, along with a personalized note to your family (3x/year. Outside of US, a thank you note will be sent in lieu of large items) 

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You're support is magical, and so are your ideas. We can't wait to hear them!

  • All previous rewards (but note the Shout Out upgrade!)
  • All the bonuses! PDF activities to help you share more ideas, guest appearances by Mr. Eric in the kidsphere, & whatever we can dream up to entertain our biggest fans! 
  • A Shout Out on the show for each of your children! Tell us their favorite characters and one tidbit about each kid. If you're honoring one child, we'll share a few extra details.
  • UP TO FOUR children in your family get their own Exclusive Swag! (outside of US, a thank you note will be sent in lieu of large items) 




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About What If World

Thank you so much for being What If World fans! We hope our stories have brought joy and imagination into your kids' lives... and maybe a few moments of peace into yours. Our show exists thanks to our loyal patrons, and we're honored you're checking out our page.

Mr. Eric works on What If World while helping raise his new baby. He records and edits between changing diapers and chasing down leads, and he knows he's a very lucky dad. Eric hopes to contribute more to the household and start saving for baby Callum's future. With your support, he may someday hire help with editing in order to devote more time to all of you!

Here are some of the bonuses we offer. They're yours just for checking us out!
Outtakes for every patron! These are from the end of episode 85.
Patron-Only Episodes for What Iffenturers, like this one with Fred the Dog!
Companion Worksheets for Wizards of What, along with other fun activities & surprises, like one to help you Invent a Character!

Mr. Eric has worked with kids since he was still one himself, teaching karate to youths at age fourteen. He did children's theater in Boston at age 19, and volunteered as Petey the Pirate for the Marshfield school system throughout his college years.
     After graduating from BU with a Bachelor's in English, he directed the Little Gym of Brooklyn Heights, teaching gymnastics, karate, and motor skills to infants, toddlers, and grade-schoolers. He was also Program Director of New York's Galli Theatre, performing at several Manhattan schools and hospitals as a host of fairy tale characters. Then, he taught preschool for STAR education in LA and, most recently, was the assistant director of their county-wide theatre program.
     Now he puts every ounce of energy into making great stories for your kids while raising his own.

To all of our patrons, who have helped us get this far, Ms. Karen, co-creator of this show, and Ana Stretcu, whose artwork has beautified our tiers and helped us create a bunch of fun rewards. 

355 of 500 patrons
At 500 patrons Mr. Eric will be able to hire some part-time help with editing, so he can release more Patron-only bonus content!

Mr. Eric will release a Patron-only miniseries once he reaches 500 supporters.
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