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This tier is just for folks who want to be nice for nothing in return- I know it seems a super small amount, but if you want to support me in creating content or just helping pay for my time as I work on designs for size inclusive knitwear I'd really appreciate this sweet gesture!

Close Friends, and eBay Finds

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If you donate $5 a month, you'll be supporting me in my work and being added to my instagram close friends list. 

The close friends list will also give you access to private stories which may include more content about my process and what I'm working on and how.
It also means you'll have access to a periodical curated list of eBay finds.

basically this would mean I send out a list of eBay listings, trying my best to include stuff that would fit every member of this tier. When you sign up please let me know what clothes/items you are looking out for and your measurements/dress size or pop me a message on IG with a specific need!

Basically a no pressure group personal shopping situation! What more could you want?

Same but for richer people ;)

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The same stuff as the $5 tier but for people with more to give haha! No worries if you can't afford it, I just thought I'd add it as an option :)



About What Lydia Made

I'm Lydia Morrow, I'm 24 year old American-Glaswegian mum who designs and makes knitwear and other fashion and who also sometimes makes art and talks at length about sustainable fashion, fat fashion, and where the two do or should meet!

I recently stopped being able to do my day job which was designing and sewing custom underwear, but I still create and share beautiful things and have spent lots of time and money crafting an inclusive Instagram community that promotes body neutrality and appreciation without exploitation. There I share the realities of being a creator who lives with chronic pain and a neurodiverse brain, being a relatively new mum, and sometimes struggling with mental health.

I've been having a hard time lately spinning a heck of a lot of plates and working for free a lot to do a lot of things I believe in that don't really make me much money, and I don't have any investor funding - so that's where you come in! Any support is incredibly welcome- unless it's coming from someone who can't afford it! If you've got a couple quid to spare every month and you've been looking for a way to support what I do you've come to the right place. Hopefully one of the donation tiers will make sense for you :)
Lydia x
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If I got 100 subscribers at the $5 level I could make living wage for one week a month! Wouldn't that be wild?! Every artist dreams of that kinda thing so why not aim high eh?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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