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About What's Ray Saying?

My podcast and stories were born out of my own life experiences: inner city poverty, race relations, military, family, travel, and adventure.  I started telling stories on stage in June of 2014. This podcast was launched in April 2016 and is quickly catching on! In just 3 months, we hit our first milestone of over 1,000 downloads per episode.  There is no big production staff- just me, an office/storage room of my house, with a microphone and a computer, all from the mountains of rural NC.

My family has been extremely supportive of this endeavor, allowing me to divert entertainment/vacation budget money to start and support this podcast. Now I'm asking YOU to thank THEM by becoming a monthly supporter.

Your monthly contribution would help with things like all the fees associated with a podcast presence and expansion to include a traditional website. It would also allow me to travel to share my stories and the art of storytelling with groups that would otherwise not get a chance to experience it because of limited budgets or difficult life circumstances.  Finally, it would enable me to begin to save in order to get mobile recording equipment so I can include some "in the field" commentary in some of the episodes as well as eventually purchase a computer dedicated to the podcast (right now, we share a family computer).

Patrons will gain access to Patreon exclusive and custom content so if you're a fan of the podcast or just a fan of me and would like to experience more, please consider becoming a patron. 

Thanks so much for your love and support. We couldn't do it without you. 
-Ray Christian

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This monthly amount would cover the various fees associated with having a web presence and provide the opportunity for me to travel regionally to share my stories in venues that can't afford to pay me such as youth leadership camps, small community arts festivals, and homeless shelter events.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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