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About Daniel the Bugman

The Pitch

Hi. The video is Daniel Marlos, aka The Bugman. This is Daniel Jacobs, the guy that keeps the website up and running, and does all of the techy stuff. Daniel Marlos the Bugman and I have decided it's time to take a leap forward with whatsthatbug.com. We'd like to generate the revenue to be able to dedicate more time and resources to the site, to redesign the site with more modern web technologies, to bring in more editorial assistance, to engage more with our FaceBook community (which has grown and thrived in spite of our neglect), and maybe even to pay ourselves a few bucks at the end of the day some day.

We have always disliked having ads on our site. But they (almost/barely, depending on the month) pay our hosting and bandwidth costs.  whatsthatbug.com is visited by between 300,000 and 1,000,000 people per month depending on the season (more in the US summer). This is a labor of love, and we will bring it to you without ads and add new features and services, if you will help.

So please Patreonize us! You can contribute as little as $1 a month to show your support, or as much as you choose. You can get priority bug identifications, or even help Daniel out by writing a guest blog post.

Our first goal is $1500/month, at which point I will remove all advertising from the site!


“What’s That Bug?” began in 1998 when my longtime collaborator Lisa Anne Auerbach asked me to write a column for a fledgling photocopied zine entitled “American Homebody” and I proposed insect identification as the subject matter. I justified the decision by stating matter-of-factly that “Everybody wants to know what’s that bug?” and that mantra has proven true through the years. I nostalgically dredged up an early childhood interest in insects as my source of inspiration and I assumed the persona of the Bugman.

When the column went online a few years later, I proceeded to respond to the web browsing readership’s letters and photographs, attempting to identify the curiosities encountered in the home, lurking on the tomato plants or spotted while on holiday in Costa Rica.

In 2002 whatsthatbug.com became a unique website (we celebrated the 15 year anniversary of registering the domain name on August 15th, 2017), and through the years, I have tried to promote an appreciation of the natural world around us, especially a tolerance of insects and their relatives.

A network of faithful readers began to form, and soon those readers began to offer suggestions for unidentified and mystery specimens with links to other websites containing evidence of identification verification. The readership’s fascination with the mating habits of insects, the intricacies of the food chain and the appalling number of images depicting unnecessary carnage all resulted in a further subcategorization of letters within the archive, each producing a tagged component of the website.

The fragility of our planet and the interconnectivity of all life forms continue to be driving forces behind the ecology minded tone promoted at What’s That Bug?
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Once we are bringing in $1500 a month from Patreon, we can and will remove all advertising from whatsthatbug.com, as we will be meeting all of our costs!
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