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About What the Fangirl

Hi. We're Alex and Bri, from What the Fangirl. We're two self-employed people who started publishing a podcast about ABC's Once Upon a Time in 2012. We've gone on to publish over 100 episodes, and start two additional podcasts. We've done this for three years paying our podcast hosting fees, website hosting fees and assorted costs associated with these projects, such as podcast intros and logo designers. We spend as much time on our content as we do on our jobs, but we want to do more. A Patreon will allow us to do this. 

Our first podcast was very well-received, and we soon realized that many fans were into dissecting media, and so we made a media playground for us and others called What the Fangirl. This website's motto is "Pop Culture. Her way." We're devoted to covering the things you love, and celebrating them, from books to movies to video games, web series and more. We also cover the things you hate, because, come on, we're us! We cover women's opinions on pop culture, though anyone is invited to submit! We've taken feedback from visitors, and have began traveling to conventions talking to "fangirls" about the things they are passionate about, and want to see more of, and applying this to our website's coverage & reach.

We now offer three podcasts, all three of which are available in iTunes, plus our website.

  • Other Side of the Mirror, which discusses ABC's Once Upon a Time
  • The Litch Line, which dissects Orange is the New Black (and includes breakdowns of some of the issues based on Alex's experience as a prisoner's rights lawyer)
  • What the Fangirl, our newest show for pop culture from the point of view of the not so average fangirl

We launched this Patreon largely to improve the quality, quantity and consistency of the shows, as well as our website. We've had submissions from a number of amazing and talented writers, and would like to eventually pay them when we reach the milestone. In an effort to maintain transparency, we currently fund the podcast fees, web hosting, web themes purchases, and etc ourselves. We have no affiliate marketing earnings, nor do we have a sponsor. We only began running advertisements on our websites in February 2015. We recently launched the What the Fangirl store at the tail end of September 2015, and will use the proceeds to pay for the website and podcast. 

In 2014, our amazing contributors purchased us a new mic, which has been beneficial to our sound quality. We've not sought donations since then, but have now turned to Patreon after being suggested to do so by our contributors, fans, and listeners. 

The money earned via this Patreon will be used to pay for equipment and hosting fees, designs for our store, and other costs. We've outlined some of our milestone goals to the left. 

If you are unable to contribute, don't worry! We will still post podcasts free of charge just as we always have. Our website will not go to a "paywall" model. The Patreon only lets our patrons have additional extra access to content. We thank every one of you listeners for downloading us, recommending us, reviewing us, and sharing your feedback with us. It's been one of the best and creative experiences we've had, and we want to do it even more, and better than before. 
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We currently produce three podcasts using the very awesome (yet reasonably priced!) Yeti. Help us purchase a second mic to help us improve the sound quality. We'd like our recording levels to be more consistently balanced between Alex and Bri and this goal will enable us to do just that!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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