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Drop a comment here on Patreon or hit me up on Twitter @techdrugsrocknroll to let me know what I should be discussing on the show. I'll be sure to cover my Forkers' requests first!




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About Damo

My name is Damo and I've been an activist, innovator, philosopher, psychonaut, and tech-enthusiast since forever. I've been working on a podcast lately called WhatTheFork?!

In theory, WhatTheFork?! is about blockchain technology. But *really* it's about life, society, and how we can (hopefully) solve the greatest challenges of our time. I'm doing my damnedest to bring some complicated ideas down to earth for us normies. No breathless irresponsible investment advice here. We're talking real issues and exploring real solutions.

I'm beyond grateful to a company out of the Netherlands called Sphereon for sponsoring 12 episodes of the show. Thankfully they aren't asking for any editorial control or even any overt advertising, which is *awesome*. That said, it'd be a major load off my mind if I can score independent sponsorship from an engaged audience to make this sustainable. 

Join me on this journey to fix our crazy forked up world, and let me know how I can do this thing better! 
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