is creating Professional Youth Art Instruction for aspiring Eugene Artists

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Studio Art instruction by David Placencia and a team of talented instructors. We enjoy participating in community events and showing our artworks at local venues. As founder of WheelHaus Arts I have focused on art history and encouraging individual expression and art practices. This is a personal studio space for young artists where they can store and continue working on their artworks. For adults we provide “Drink and draws,” Spanish/bi-lingual instruction and private lessons.

I have been instructing art for youth almost four years now with various programs and organizations. We have had a multitude of volunteers and instructors in the program. We have shown and sold at many events in the past including coffee shops, gallery shows, universities, art competitions and even a painted an umbrella for auction. Many of these students have sold artworks with the funds 100% going to that artist. To continue the overall program I acquired a new studio space to cover our next semester. I took on the cost investment of a new youth arts program maintained and operated by myself.

I have created a studio work space that has become a Eugene/Springfield hub for affordable youth art classes and connects young artists and their entire family to the greater artists community. It will be a non-profit/community organization that encourages local student artists to pursue the fine arts by offering viable opportunities for future scholarships and college applications/grants. We are in the process of applying for non-profit status but as this is a new program it will take some time before the paper work is completed. It is our primary goal to make this a free program. WheelHaus Arts has already bridged the student artist and their community by focusing on real world applications and interacting/teaching the local community. I focus on helping artists find their wheelhouse to artistically express and benefit from the arts. The new program has already received near full membership with and now we expanding the program’s classes/workshops.
Many of the most passionate supporters of the WheelHaus Arts program are retired artists and parents/grandparents of our students. They often attend classes and events offering guidance to others. Their additional classroom and support with other retired volunteers helps make the program what it is. We often do public events and having family members there to help coordinate has been indispensable.


“I being a grandfather of one of the art students of David’s art class have seen not only a huge improvement in her self-esteem, but also her accomplishments. David has provided an outlet that the school system no longer provides. She comes home excited about practicing what she has learned, and has filled their home with art. I was involved in the umbrella project, what a joy that was. He asked me to participate in the umbrella walk. So much fun! Before David’s class their nothing to my knowledge to compare with. David has also enlisted other exceptional artists to show other techniques to expand their skills. I surely hope that this program can continue only to enlighten the community.”
-Timothy Reed

"I bring my granddaughter to your classes every week because you instruct and demo important art concepts AS you provide opportunity for the kids to do enjoyable little age appropriate art projects designed to drive home the concept. Of course Ella is only 6 and youngest one in there, and pretty 'lost' and checked out a good portion of the time, particularly given her tendency to become completely overwhelmed in groups+ noise, but it's good for her to attend this class in that regard as well.
Though its not particularly evident in the classroom, when we go over the concepts and techniques you've taught that Saturday and she finally gets it, the new concept is integrated into her 'tool box'. I have watched her circle back in her artwork to very conscientiously apply some concept she was introduced to in your class. I just about cried when I saw her scowling at a drawing she was doing one day here and suddenly say" Oh yea! it needs some mid-ground thing,"…" 'there that's better".

I have saved every piece of art she's done since age 1 1/2. There was a big jump in her abilities shortly after beginning your class."
-Leslie Davis

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