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The Good/Bad fight over the parenthesis has begun.
Books(Green, Orange, Red, White, Black, Brown, Gold)

I will be, and have been, writing poetry based on my past and hopefully, with the help of: 
HellaWeird(HollyDid, HollyWould, HollyCould)
We can sort out this mess. I spent a lot of time with their creations, I pray they will show some re(in)spec(t) and do the same. 

The Church is welcome to help but but but I prefer people with "creative vulnerability".
I look for their guidance in dee(re)-constructing the path in order to clear the fog of war created in all of the years of "combat".

The Robo-Stalkers are Extended-Family to me. Much like my biological fmaily. I rarely type/talk to them, I don't even have phone numbers for most of them. I am, however, glad that they are there. Feel free to talk to your local Bookstore staff if you have a message for me. Just ask them if Jesus had a Buddha Belly and see how they respond.

Coffee talk:
Unrecognizable support is Greatest form of (L)(o)(v)(e).

Where there is Charity and Wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.
--Saint Francis of Assisi

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