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About Karl Kroll

Welcome to my Patreon page.  My name is Karl and I have been interested in human powered adventure and the touring lifestyle since doing my first tour during University on a homemade skateboard in 2010.  Afterwards I got a normal job and started saving money with long-term adventure always on my mind.  This culminated with a decision to quit my job and move to Poland in 2017.  I did my first cycle tour from Warsaw around the Tatra mountains that year, which included a summit of the highest peak in Slovakia.  It seems that since then my dreams have only grown each year and I now have bikepacked through 21 countries!  Currently I am riding from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina north to Alaska!

I record all my adventures and enjoy the long tedious process of editing them into watchable videos on  my YouTube channel.  I hope to use this as a way to inspire others to get out and start their own adventures just as many others inspired me along the way.

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Donations help me continue on my journey and give me time to create compelling content to promote human powered travel.  A $5 a month donation allows me to spend a night in a hostel where I can work on getting videos out with a greater frequency. 

As my ambitions have grown it seems that my bank account has done the opposite.  If I can cover the basics of my travel with Patreon I intend to continue dreaming big and continue this lifestyle for a long time.

Each tier comes with its own set of rewards and I am always open to new and creative ideas how I can thank you for helping me in this adventure.  Reach out and let me know what you think fans would like.
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I try to live on $10 a day, which seems to be reasonable in most of the world where I travel.  If I can make it to this amount my basic living expenses are covered and I can afford to have a roof (thicker than my tent walls) over my head every now and then.  
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