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About Whipspider

Who am I?

Heya! The name is Whipspider, and I am a youtuber extraordinaire! I love creating videos for people to enjoy, and Im always hoping to bring a smile to someone's face. 

What is my mission?

Every stream that I do, every video I make, each one of them is made with the hope that someone will smile. My hope and dream is to inspire joy and laughter in homes all over the world, and I know that with your support, that dream is not too far away. Together, we can change the world, one smile at a time.

What are you supporting?

With your support, not only am I able to continue my current series', but I am also able to create new and improved ones! Some of my current ones are:
Multiplayer Madness
A series where I play all sorts of games, but with you!

Retro Gaming
I play NES, SNES, or N64 games recommended by you, and review them!

The Mario Gauntlet
A series where I play Super Mario Bros Games, except with extra challenges! Rather unfortunately, Mario gets hurt a lot more in this series. :)

Terraria, but with a little bit of an extra punch. Includes all sorts of painful and difficult modes that make life harder than it has to be.


You also allow me to invest in future events, such as:

Fan meet-ups
Events where I get to meet up and have fun with all of you!

I want to give back to my fans! And, one way I can do this is through giveaways!


Finally, you allow me to provide for myself, help me upgrade my current gear, and work towards the job of my dreams!

What are the benefits? 

I have plenty of fun and exciting ideas for how I can make your patreonship even more rewarding, but for now the benefits you have access to are:

Fun Emotes!
Send fun, and entertaining emotes on my discord, that no-one else has access to!
(Coming soon!)

An inside view
Listen to me while I record or stream, LIVE!

Patron-only chat
Talk to your fellow Patron supporters in complete privacy.

Access to Early content
Get access to my content before anyone else!

Exclusive Announcements and Polls
Gain access to polls and announcements, that allow you to help me decide on what I should do next.


By joining, you help further my passion and desire in making videos. Together, we can help bring a smile to people's faces all around the world.

Thank you for everything, until next time! 

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When I reach 100 Patrons, I'll start to record and (hopefully) post at least once per week.
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