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About Whirlybloke

I've been playing with RC aircraft and helicopters for ages and in 2009 while working on an Arduino software development, I discovered ArduPilot and was totally hooked on all things multicopter. My first drone was a couple of pieces of aluminium tube as the frame running on AdruPilot flght controller hardware. My original plan was to develop various hardware and software to make the ultimate autonomous drone to make videos. I realise now I was trying to make Mavic.

In 2016 I discovered FPV quad videos on youtube, bought an ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro and became totally hooked on FPV flying and building. FPV covers many disciplines and the learning curve is steep. As I learned along the way, I started making YouTube videos almost as a video notebook so I could refer back to them. And without really noticing it, the channel subscriber count grew and became a part time job keeping up with new content, answering questions and reviewing things I found interesting. 

So I make youtube videos, in my own, hopefully educational style, on things I find interesting and if my subscribers like them and can learn from my them and my mistakes, that's a bonus and success.

You can also find me generally whirling around in sunny Cambridgeshire and the rest of the Galaxy.

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