is creating Inspirational music, and enjoyable server experiences.
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I'll write you a personal in-depth message on your steam/forum profile, and I'll give you a cool tag on my steam friend list and respond to your steam messages if you try to communicate with me. 
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I'll grab my annoying harmonica, and shitty keyboard and perform some tunes for you. If you want I can make you a tailored unique song or perform one of your own songs that you've made. 
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I'll help you write a formal application for any position that you want. If it's a video game server or perhaps a real job application. The application cannot be affiliated with any of my online positions i.e Nebulous. 




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About Toasty

I'm currently a University student that enjoys the life of drinking beer, whiskey, rum, and more. My hobby is expensive, and often I lose my keys outside or get driven home by the police. I need additional funds to keep it up, and make sure that my depression don't end up taking my life. 
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I can afford some bread in the morning
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