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Bourbon has to be aged for a minimum of two years, and you're gracious enough to know that you need to leave a tip behind even if you only order a whiskey neat. In addition to our thanks, you can expect a shout-out on our website and to be included in a "cheers" on a future episode.

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Those extra two years turns bourbon into bonded goodness, and these extra two bucks mean a lot to your whiskey women. In addition to the online shout-out and "cheers" from the level below, you can also expect a hand-written thank you and bonus material as a "close friend" of ours on Instagram.

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A little bit of a whiskey always disappears in the whiskey aging process, but, as our guardian angels, you're going to have access to all the secrets that normally disappears in the making of every episode. In addition to everything available to lower tiers, you're also going to have access to insider content like our full bar conversations that end up edited into the episodes. 




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About Whiskey Women Podcast

Hello Whiskey World!

If you are already familiar with the Whiskey Women Podcast, then you know that we seek to liberate shy or tentative wannabe whiskey drinkers by introducing types and brands of whiskey in a delightfully absurd, insistently unserious way. In our first season, we discussed what Bond Girls different Bonded Whiskey would be, compared Wild Turkey variants to Thanksgiving dishes, among other ridiculous and whimsical interpretations, bringing a feminine touch to this traditionally masculine drinks.

We're delighted to have just launched our second season, and are hard at work preparing bigger, better, higher-proof content -- including new segments like "Whiskey Women on the Road," where we travel and sample the wares in different cities, and "Whiskey Witches and Wizards," interviews with some of the top names in the bar, cocktail, and spirit worlds.

Currently, however, this podcast's production and hosting costs are funded out of our personal income. In order to assure the quality of future episodes and maintain access to the first season, we need a little help.

Consider this our online "tip jar" -- a polite request that, just like at a bar, you offer up a little something in recognition of the hard work and expense we invest into each and every episode. If every one of our listeners gave at our lowest "Straight Bourbon" tier, we would be able to cover the expenses that went into setting up season one. If you all leveled up to our "Bonded Whiskey" tier, we'd have the funds to cover season two. And if you're a real overachiever, you'd have access to the "Angel's Share" and help us set up for the next phase of our show. In return, you can expect great insider content and swag to show our appreciation for your generosity at every level.

Regardless of what you can offer, we can't wait to shout out love for our supporters at any level of giving.

Thank you from the bottom of our bourbon-filled hearts,

Janet and Blair
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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