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Read Torte and Lacey: COMING SOON!

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February: Sticker Sheet, small signed print
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Why do you need the support?
I recently graduated college! Yay! That means student loans! Boo! Yea... I owe quite a lot back and will be paying it off until I'm 74 but so is everyone else my age. However unlike others my age I chose to create a web comic. Though I love interacting with fans and providing tragic stories and detailed illustrations, it doesn't pay the bills! Therefore any money I receive through Patreon allows me to continue to produce the comics you know and love.
I work on average 20 hour days and some times work 7 days a week during my busier seasons but I love what I do and would work even more if my friends didn't drag me out of my cave. 

What will the support be used for?
Cat food and cup noodles. Okay, and coffee. A lot of coffee...I drink too much coffee....

What do I get from helping you?
A bunch of goodies and my undying appreciation! There are 5 different reward tiers with different goodies and price points for you to choose from. The $10 pledge probably being the biggest bang for your buck ♥

Thank you for your support everyone!!
$499 of $500 per month
If I can manage $100 a month I'll be able to spend more time on my comic and less time on freelance projects - meaning I will actually get a chance to create some buffer pages so that you will never have to miss an update. Never again will you have to face the dreaded 2 week cliffhanger.
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