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Thank you for the great support!
  • Monthly release consisting of 5-6 very high quality miniatures (with possible bonus variations)
  • 1 additional creature or monster (Goal reward)
  • 1-2 monthly busts
  • Custom bases
  • Access to the Welcome Chest (7 miniatures: Oleana the Werewolf Queen, Kunar the Giant Slayer, diorama “Give me the eggs!”, Pixie bust, Amphipaha, White Werewolf Shield, Decorative Rock)
  • Access to the Goal rewards
  • 50% off for our MyMiniFactory store
  • Access to the DnD 5e style stat blocks for our unique models
  • Access to all free models (6 miniatures: Demon Hunter, Werewolf bust, Minotaur bust, Common slimer, Slimer with Hamburger, Happy Slimer)
  • All models will have a pre-supported STLs provided
  • Access to the Discord and the community
  • Ability to see model WIP and vote
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Merchant III

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reward item
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Thank you for the great support!

  • Previous Tier rewards
  • Ability to sell 3D prints of our models!

This acts as a license to use our models for commercial purposes. You retain this permission as long as you are subscribed to this tier

IMPORTANT!* Please read the licence informations regarding this tier in the patreon's descritption and "readme.txt" in the release folders
Includes Discord benefits



About White Werewolf Tavern

It’s so great to see you in the White Werewolf Tavern! Come on in, take a seat with us by the hearth and prepare to see some wonderful things.
Every month, The White Werewolf Team (Anastasia Konkina, Dmitry Seregin and Nikolai Iakoubenia) brings you some incredible 3D models for you from the world of the White Werewolf.
You can expect at least 8 unique and high quality figures each month in both, gaming (32mm) and painting scale (75mm) and at least 1 bust is always guaranteed. All the models come pre supported and test printed, making sure that all you have to do is import the STL into your slicer and press print, guaranteeing success every time.
Your support is very important for us! 
Become a patron now and get the July STL's -  Dunes of Fire!

1. July release (for Discoverers, Adventurers and Merchants)
  • Auria The Sunforged Dancer tabaxi female, 32mm and 75mm scale
  • Auria Bust
  • Efreet Overlord, 32mm and 75mm scale
  • Efreet Bust
  • L'aila, 32mm and 75mm scale
  • David the fire thief, 32mm and 75mm scale
  • Set 4 Tabaxi males, 32mm scale (2 warriors, mage and shaman)
  • Fire Salamander
  • Mbonga the Hex Master (throwback miniature), 32mm and 75mm scale
  • Cross-promo gift by cobramode Hatsuharu-Hanzaki Swordbreaker                                                                             
2. Welcome Chest (for Discoverers, Adventurers and Merchants)
  • Oleana the Werewolf Queen
  • Kunar the Giant Slayer
  • Diorama “Give me the eggs!”
  • Amphipaha
  • Pixie bust
  • White Werewolf Shield 
  • Decorative Rock
3. Free miniatures
  • Demon Huntress
  • Minotaur bust
  • Werewolf bust
  • Common Slimer
  • Slimer with Hamburger
  • Happy Slimer
4. Pre-support files for all our models are compatible with all MSLA and SLA 3D printers with a minimum 5.5” display.

FDM printers unfortunately aren’t natively supported by us. All of our models go through a print verification process to make sure that they can print on any and all machines. Due to this, there might be a delay of a few days for some models’ pre support to be added while they finish the verification process.

5. We offer 3 variations of release distribution; Google Drive, Itch.io and My Mini Factory links.

Google drive and itch.io links are updated as soon as the release becomes available and are active distribution means. They are operational only during the release month and are disabled once the release completes.
MMF fulfillment is a post release distribution. The link will be sent out to qualifying Patrons one week after the completion of any given release. For example: the May 2021 release will be distributed through MMF during the first week of June 2021.

6. DnD 5e style stat blocks for our unique models

*STL files and printed miniatures are for personal use only. Please don't share!

Our Next Goal:
  • 1500 patrons! We will add new busts to the Welcome Chest!

Our Previous Releases you can buy here:

Our social networks:

Our Rules:
  • All copyrights of the materials on this page belong to White Werewolf Tavern.
  • The files (.STL) are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license. More information is available here.
  • You can take photos and include our models in videos and live streams as long as you provide appropriate attribution (tags and links).
  • All of the previous points apply for the Merchant Tier as well, with the exception that they have the ability to Sell Prints of our models (not files!) as long as they remain in that Tier. Even in this case, that rule still applies: you can't use our files and models for Kickstarter, Patreon, any other crowdfunging project or make casts/molds, selling them in boardgame boxes or similiar.

White Werewolf Tavern is our home. We hope that the tavern will become your home too. Welcome, friend!

White Werewolf Tavern only lays claim of ownership to the creative description and concept art of the included character and is not directly associated or officially endorsed by Wizard of the Coast.
All Wizards of the Coast content provided under terms of the Open Gaming License Version 1.0a available in the SRD
©2021 White Werewolf Tavern. All Rights Reserved.

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