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Bag Slapper
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Get a bonus episode every month and possibly a link to episode 88.

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Everything you get at the Bag Slapper level, but you prefer to give us more money because we're awesome and you can afford it. And maybe a coupon code for merch or some shit.

Big Swinging Dick
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Get the bonus episodes, episode 88, and cohosting role on our Discord. If we have people at this level we'll add a segment to the show where we bring people on "live" from Discord. 

This is only for successful people who are awesome.

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About Who Are These Podcasts?

I'm finally giving in and creating a Patreon. We will have a Patreon exclusive podcast every month that may or may not include reviews of Opie, Stuttering John, and Sheamus. If laughing at Todd isn't worth $5 to you, then I don't even want to know you.

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