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About Who Knows

Once upon a time and in a galaxy of self doubt and sadness...

I know, I know--this does NOT "paint a compelling picture of how you can join us on this journey,” but read on and this might make a little more sense...

For many years of my life I struggled with the idea that I needed to be the perfect person. I thought, if only I could be thin, wear these clothes, like this stuff, act this way, only THEN can I have the life I want. That mentality lead me to a life of crippling anxiety, an eating disorder, and absolutely no real relationships in my life. If only I had known that everyone around me was struggling JUST as much as I was (still am, at times) to find the answers and to be the person that they really want to be.

-Taylor Dankovich

Here’s where we come in

Who Knows? was created by Taylor Dankovich and Maria Württele in an effort to pull back the curtain on the human experience. We want people to see (uh, hear) the journeys that people go on, the questions that they have, the mistakes that they make, and the utter confusion that can surround the constant strive for a life well-lived. We want everyone to know that even though we’re all unique, most of us are also working towards a lot of the same goals in life. While success is to be celebrated, we need to acknowledge the work it takes to get there.

Our Episodes

We have conversations with people from all different walks of life on just about anything we can think of. Things that are tough to talk about such as race and religion, things that really should be simple to talk about like friendships, relationships, as well as careers, things we enjoy in life, and tips based on what we have learned so far.
Not only do we strive to have these conversations, but we want to show that they can and should be had in order to bring us all closer as people and to show that we all have a lot more in common than we let on in our day to day life.

Our Goals

  • To celebrate being who you are right now as well as finding who you want to be
  • To normalize conversation about mental health and how we exist together
  • To expose people to new possibilities, ideas and ways of thinking
  • To promote a life of self-love, mental health, and creating your own normal
  • To create a community of people who support all of the above

And here’s where you come in

Community is a HUGE part of what this project is founded on, and in order for us to create the kind of community that you deserve and the content that goes along with it, we need all the support we can get from the people who enjoy what we do!

If you want to see this podcast grow and have the message that it sends reach far and wide, become a patron and support all that Who Knows? has to offer the world.

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