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Guilt Freedom
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Ad Block Guilt Free! People will always use Ad Block, and I accept that is going to happen. So, if you want to do such guilt free, just pledge $1 and boom all the guilt will be levitated.
Discord and Minecraft Server Access
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
per month
Those who claim this spot first, will get that sweet access. You will be able to join myself and some very incredibly funny and smart people on a Minecraft Server. Some are content creators, and some are just like you but are close with the community.

Regardless, you hop on this option and you will be able to access this server, and the discord server.


What you get with this tier:

→ Ad Block Guilt Free.
→ Private Invite/Sub/Patron Minecraft Server
→ Special Patreon Discord Access! 

Includes Discord benefits
Reputation Upgrade
Limited (5 of 5 remaining)
per month
This is the same as the $5 tier, but an upgraded status! You're among the elite, and your title will show such. Also with special community events, you will receive first invites or access.

Now go get your monocle and top hat, we be having tea in 10.


What you get with this tier:

→ Ad Block Guilt Free.
→ Private Invite/Sub/Patron Minecraft Server
→ Special Patreon Discord Access! 
→ Repuation Upgrade!




per month


I am WholesaleVirus and I am creating entertaining content through video games!

This is who I am
I am a content creator on Twitch and YouTube. I strive on creating content that is fun, and not taken seriously. I strive to build out a community of people that agree with this aspect. Over the years, I like to believe I have figured out this industry to a certain degree and strive to continue learning it. I have worked with other content creators big and small to a degree where my name is recognized and even respected. Side from the content creation I am an excellent manager of many aspects. I have managed gaming communities in the past, and currently helping manage a community for a content creator now.

What I plan to do with your pledges
Well, to the left you can see some of my goals already in place. That is just the start of things. As it stands, I do this with little additional funding, but with your help I will be able to do more and more to give back to the people who love what I do. As we progress forward together in this, I will be able to do things that are special just for the people who are funding me and showing faith in what I am doing. I don't want just money, I want to build a community of incredible people with content that is fun, witty, and entertaining!
$0 of $25 per month
The previous goal at this point made little sense, but this is a good achievement to achieve. Ever dollar that is pledged or sent my way helps create better content, and helps me stay in house and home. Provides a roof, puts food on my table, and food in my darling kitties bowls. I'd like to say something special would come from this, but $25 doesn't go very far any more. Though! I promise to use it for the forces of good!
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