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About April Richardson & Martin Rossiter

Hi! I'm April Richardson, a comedian, and I'm married to Martin Rossiter, a musician. Now that we are has-beens in our chosen fields, we have joined forces to produce a podcast where I (me, April), an idiot who knows nothing about melody/structure/theory of music yet is obsessed with the less important stuff like bands/singles/labels, consult with my husband (Martin, a genius) and ask him to explain and demonstrate, via playing piano and singing, why I like certain songs as much as I do. And the songs will run the gamut! I love R.E.M. and Gang of Four and Au Pairs and New Order just as much as I love Garth Brooks and Huey Lewis and Janet Jackson and Prince.

For $2 a month, you'll have full access to weekly (every Tuesday) episodes: that's 50 cents per ep! I feel better about this model than I do about trying to sell ads because I'm too earnest and precious and Fugazi-ish for this world. But that's it! You subscribe for $2 per month & you get all the episodes. For an extra dollar/pound a month, you can have access to the bonus feed, which includes all regular weekly podcasts plus any extra monthly eps, videos featuring behind-the-scenes footage, Q&As, photos, and whatever else we can think of!

I promise this'll be a fun listen, not only because I'm a bonehead who doesn't know a lot of stuff & you'll hear me get schooled, but also because many things that were well-known in the US did not make an impact in the UK (see: country music) & vice-versa, and it's been hilarious finding out which of us has never heard a super popular song in the other's home country. Plus, maybe you will discover your new favorite tune! Oh, and Martin has a suave accent.

If you'd like more free content, my other podcasts Go Bayside & Sordid Details will be online via Spotify or iTunes or any number of outlets until the end of time, probably.

One more thing: Each month, $98.00 of our earnings will go to Food On Foot. I tell y'all this not as a flex ("Charity is something you do when other people are looking!" - Mr. Show) but because when I lived in Los Angeles, I worked for this organization most Sundays and they are incredible and I saw the results for myself and really believe in what they are doing. Please check them out, and if you have suggestions for a similar place in the UK where we can send donations, please let me know!

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