WhyTheNose? is creating
a love movement centered in the now of human connection!

Spreading Love Around the World, Person to Person, One Nose at a Time

Howdy everyone!
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Tex Allen / WhyTheNose?

WHEW! Dropping 5000 #lovebombs on NBC's Red Nose Day in New York City was a #loverush!
(Check out the video above and the Huffington Post article!)

Thank you for visiting the support page for WhyTheNose?, we really do appreciate your time and attention. We are now asking for your full-time, monthly support so that we can dedicate 100% of our time to this art.

WhyTheNose? has grown from a single act of happiness to a global, interactive performance art stunt that connects people in a deep, spiritual way that creates a lasting effect of loved-based presence.

From ONE photo to tens of thousands from supporters spanning 30 countries, including Antarctica!, one thing is sure:


of handing out clown Noses to over 250,000 people worldwide has changed our lives so much that a decision had to be made...

We've made the decision to be an ARTISTS and EVANGELISTS for HUMAN connection and community by giving WhyTheNose? our full energy.

It's time to be a full-time Agents of Heroic, Uninhibited Innocence.
Courage tells us to dedicate ourselves to this art that our LOVE FOR THE WORLD brought out in us together via this daily #lovestunt.

"Follow your joy"

The Nose opened a door in me and cultivated my true artistic eye and changed my life.
It gave me PURPOSE.

In turn, the encounters and stories that I've lived through and told, from wearing a Nose on my face for 5 years, have spread around the globe and rippled love through millions, one Nose at a Time!

So, Cat and I together, honestly, cannot thank you all enough for being such delightful, beautiful, heart-full friends and followers!

From the inner urban corridors of San Francisco to a 40-mile stretch of desert in Nevada, we could not have asked for more wondrous backdrop of experiences to document.

We want to focus on making art through the WhyTheNose? lens-of-love , as a team.

"Do the best you can until you can do better, then do better"

Our goal with this ongoing campaign is to raise funds that support a full-time lifestyle of committing public acts of #loveart daily, around the globe.

In short, we want to #lovebomb the world EVERY.DANG.DAY!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We want to keep doing what we love and what we love is creating magic and joy on a personal level through immediacy and presence :)

Here's a few links to the many articles that have been written about WhyTheNose? and they barely scratch the surface of a global #lovetribe that takes this message out daily:

* Ignite.me covered WhyTheNose? and our new wave of consciousness around the world

* WhyTheNose? made an entry at the Burning Blog, Burning Man’s Official site AND as the OFFICIAL iTunes movie trailer for the award-winning documentary:

* WhyTheNose? also inspired a top creative Google Executive to base his 2014 TedX talk around the Nose, contending it motivates and builds community, while he passed out 600 Noses to the attendees in an unprecedented video!
* WE'VE GOT TONS OF LINKS AT OUR PRESS PAGE, including Rolling Stone Magazine, Huffington Post, Neatorama, Laughing Squid and others:


After 5 years of growing as artists, it's time to trust the magic...

The magic that happens when we've got Noses in hand and the eyes you've opened in us are looking for another moment to express compassion and love and tell the stories of those connections. We want to build a career of dramatically and lovingly telling stories and painting life with light and lens.

If you can afford even $1 per month, that makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE in our mission and is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Hundreds and thousands of single dollars per month will add up to continue this #lovemission across hearts around the world :)

As we grow, we will share the love and use our surplus of support to fund art and #lovebomb projects within the communities we visit while documenting that journey of connections.

AND as ALWAYS, we'll gladly accept your continued cheers, hugs, "LIKES", shares and contributing posts to our walls as we keep Spreading the Love, Person to Person, One Nose at a Time.

It's YOU who built the foundation and continue to make this inspiring dream possible!

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