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The most straightforward appreciation for what is being done here in the form of monetary value, without getting overly involved.

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This tier is for those who actually want to contribute their suggestions and recommendations. You drop them, me and my buddies will have a look at them, and if they're doable, we will consider implementing them (talk about peer pressure).

Access to the dedicated Discord server; grants the respective title on the server (without the OS prefix).

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All right. The tier here is for those who are being serious about this, because it means access to preview/alpha/beta/release candidate version of patches that's not released yet. If there's any cooking at the moment, of course. Also includes the reward from the previous tier (proposing suggestions/recommendations).

Finally, includes access to the dedicated Discord server; grants the respective title on the server (without the OS prefix).

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About Wickez

Sometimes I even create unofficial patches for unofficial patches, because that's even more fun. I'm also quite active on ModDb.


Hi. I will be quick to tell you why I ended on Patreon: because as much as I like video games, I love modding and polishing them more; picking up where the original developers left off, expanding upon their visions and/or ideas, and "finalizing" (that's a big word) their creation.

Of course, one human being, no matter their skills and experience, will never be able to create more than a few patches (and of fairly limited potential, while at that), and that means I'm going to work with other content creators who are focused too on making unofficial patches (or Redux/Extended/Enhanced/Cucumber editions that accentuate their unofficial status and expanded content), like I already did many times in the past. As cool as it is, it (in)directly translates into money, because even the smallest sum of hard currency makes cooperation and collaboration much easier, not to mention it often make things happens that otherwise would not. Anyone of 21st century, living anywhere on this planet, is certainly aware of this fact. It also makes a creator feel appreciated for what they do, which is a fairly important thing. Short to short, every dollar earned by this page is going to be spend on creating, maintaining, and updating various unofficial patches of creators I'm collaborating with (including myself).


At some point, computer games became a substantial and significant part of life for many people on Earth, and it's evident they aren't going away anytime soon. Quite the contrary, thanks to modern tools and digital distribution platforms, it's easier than ever to produce and sell a video game. However, developing software is a tedious and complicated job, and with often limited manpower, time, and funds, or hectic economic scrutiny, developers sometimes have to take shortcuts or make tough decisions on shortening the production procedure that influence the final quality.

That's where unofficial patches might come in. People from outside of the development process (ongoing or finished) are less fanatic about a "brain child" that isn't theirs, and aren't pressured by deadlines or financial charts, so they can enhance and/or improve the game's aspects in their own pace, while implementing solutions or "QoL" improvements that didn't occur to the original creators.

While that's being said, please keep in mind that not every game can be modded. Additionally, some games definitely won't be modded, because they already have great followings and thousands of mods/versions (think of TES, Fallout 3/NV/4, Hearts of Iron, Europa Universalis, (G)(Z)Doom Engine games among many, for example), and creating one more of what is already out there would be equal to wasting energy and money.
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Regular installers (you know, in the executable form) for the patches that don't have them.

This one is a tad tricky, because oftentimes unofficial patches require a specific game installation/configuration, so it's quite a bit of extra work to make everything compatible, so for the end user could enjoy the unofficial version as the creator envisioned it.
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