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About Wiggins' Words (Brent Wiggins)

Wiggins' Words is a literary business that provides personalized poetry, editorial services, and performance art with the original writer's tool: the typewriter.

Hello, my name is Brent Wiggins. I live in Florida and have been a poet on demand since 2018, the year I graduated from the University of Central Florida. As an English major, people assumed I would be a teacher, and so did I. For two years, I was a tutor for Wyzant and My Tutor Lab, but a mentor was not all I wanted to be. Before graduation, I was an editor for The Florida Review, where I learned what made a story ready for publication. I also saw how editor culture made writing less creative and more of a checklist. I wrote free articles that same year for The Black Sheep and The Odyssey, yet I still found my work too singular for my plural way of thinking.

I decided to start my own business, freelancing any way I could. I edited essays for students and wrote copy for businesses. The only trouble was I was starving myself of creativity. Then I found the typewriter revolution. A group of people who live more slowly and deliberately, who share a common love for words and analog technology. Some even bring the typewriter onto the sidewalk as street poets. For a small price, the typist can craft a poem on a few choice words in minutes. I thought it could not be done, that it was a hokey gimmick. I also thought: this is why words matter, not just mine, but yours. No other machine creates or invites conversation like a typewriter does. Finding the right words to say cannot be done as spontaneously or as genuinely on a computer either. 

In our fast and bottomless digital world, true connections are neglected. My first outing as a street poet showed me that we all have a voice that needs to be heard. So I listened. I made proud mothers cry, bitter artists brighter, the sick and dying hopeful, the young older and the older young again, all with a few good words between us. I believe words become things. I believe our words can change and decide our stories. I believe words, like people, are more complex on and off the page.

Wiggins' Words is a passion project and a person project.

With your Patreon support, you add yourself to the conversation by:
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  • Keeping a dialogue with behind-the-scenes content, live events, and literary projects.

Thank you for all your support!
Without your help, I could not live the moments that matter most.
I aim to share those moments, with you, and with your words.

With endless gratitude,


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