is creating Adult mods for Video Games
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Thank you very much for supporting me!!!
I'm really glad to know that someone likes my work which is impossible without your support!

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Really big thanks to you!!! It's you without whom all my beginnings really don't make sense because I can't do it without such your support!

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Wow!!! Huge thanks for your great support!!! I'm really happy to know my work is so important for someone! You really make me believe in myself!

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About wild_guy

Hello and welcome to my page!

I create adult mods for video games, currently for The Sims 4. Maybe you already familar with one of them- Female Body Details complex mod (FBD) which allows to give nice and realistic nude look to female sims. This is my first big work for this game
Now I make my sex Animations (you can find the full list of animations using this link) for WickedWhims mod and I regard this my work as paramount for The Sims 4 at the moment. But I also always try to find a time to make other content such as clothing or new FBD parts.
I am a perfectionist and always try to do all my works with as high quality as I'm capable. I don't make simple and short animations and so making of every animation takes pretty much effort and time. I don't really like some cartoonish style of The Sims 4 and so I prefer all my creations for this game to look as realistic as possible. I always follow this purpose, doesn't matter what content exactly I make, clothing, body parts, animations or something else.

This page made to give you the ability to support my work and give me the ability to continue it because really nothing is possible without your supporting. And that's why I want to thank my patrons from the bottom of my heart and hope they will enjoy my work for a long time.
The more support I will get, the more time I can devote to my creations and eventually one day I'll be able to make this to be my full-time job.

All my creations will become available here for my patrons who have got early access right after they are complete. They will become available for free on LoversLab much later. I will read all your feedback here to make my creations better and you'll be able to suggest your ideas to make them real. And the more time I will spend making my creations the higher skill I shall get and the better they will become.
This time depends on you so I invite you to become my patron and I thank the people who already became!

P.S. Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.

What body parts I use for my sims
This are not the hard recommendations but this are what I personally prefer (you're free to experiment with different mods):
  • Default WW penis model only. Because all my animations made using exactly this one and so this model fits my animations most accurately.
  • Cmar's top and bottom default replacements of the female sims body. You need only "cmar_NippleTopFemale" and "cmar_NudeBottomFemale" files from the Cmar's anatomy mod. Because my FBD parts look best with this body meshes (note that you have to set WW body selector to "Native" if you want to use a default replacement body part).

CC required for some animations

Sex toys resized for animations

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