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About wildan1197_

Selamat Datang! (Welcome!) 

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who spared your very, very valuable time for visiting this page that was deliberately hidden by God!

I write novels in my spare time. I'm currently writing an original web novel titled: "There's No Magic In This World!" (On Scribble Hub) and "Adiknja" (On Wattpad)

English is my second languag- ... Wait. Banjarese is my mother language, and then Indonesian, Arabic, and the next is... oh, English is my fourth language!

Anyway, so first I apologize if you guys come across some sentences or paragraphs on my novel that have bad grammar, typos, or even worse, lost in translation!

I wholeheartedly-ish welcome any discussion pertaining to my novel (with some limitations, of course).

Feel free to visit my Ko-FiPaypal or Trakteer page if Patreon is not your thing, especially if you are from Indonesia. There's GoPay (The Trakteer ones) method available.

Terima kasih! (Thank you!)

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