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About Wildflower Runner

Hello, and welcome! 

I know, I know. Another beauty channel. But hear me out! I am trying to do something a little different. You won't find endless tutorials on looks you'd never wear outside of your house, reviews of products that cost way too much to bother with, ridiculous makeup challenges that waste your precious makeup, or anything like that. 

My tribe is the lovely men and women who aren't in their 20s anymore. We have different needs and wants and interests, and I want to explore some of those things. Sure, we're going to have fun and do bizarre things! But the end goal is to let you know that there is someplace for you to go once those fine lines start appearing. So join me! Suggest topics, ask questions, and let's just have some fun with our beauty routines! 

This channel is family friendly, so all are welcome. No adult themes will be discussed, and no adult language will be used. 
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