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Level 01: Friends of raptors help the running cost of the day today expenses of Wildlife Rescue, which includes but not limited to rescue, food and medicine expenses incurred for the medical treatment and rehabilitation of the raptor rescued by us. 
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About Wildlife Rescue Delhi

Wildlife Rescue is a charitable trust in New Delhi, India that runs a raptor rehabilitation and rescue center for birds of prey. The center was established by Nadeem Shehzad and Mohammad Saud in 2003 to specifically rescue and rehabilitate carnivorous birds like eagles, kites and owls, since all the other avian hospitals in Delhi at the time were established within religious institutes that follow strict rules of vegetarianism. 

Starting from setting up an aviary on the roof of Nadeem and Saud's childhood home, Wildlife Rescue today has become one of the world's biggest raptor rehabilitation centers, treating approximately 2200 raptors annually. From raising nestlings and fledglings to performing crucial surgeries, Wildlife Rescue has been serving raptors for the last 18 years. 

Birds in Delhi and other parts of India are routinely injured by the glass-coated threads used to fly paper kites, a popular pastime in the country. Veterinarians at Wildlife Rescue have developed a novel technique to treat injuries to bird's wings to enable them to fly in the open skies once again. 

Wildlife Rescue is run on charitable donations and the personal incomes of Nadeem and Saud. Your donation can help us continue to treat and release birds, and establish a dedicated wildlife rehabilitation center in Delhi. Any amount counts! 

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