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Hey MoonLovers, In these memberships I want to offer you a consistent, deep look at Soul Work with the Moon. These memberships are a great & easy way to stay on track with your spiritual life & always moving forward to expansion & transcendence.
I follow the Moon very closing, paying attention to the energetic shifts which we experience daily, weekly, monthly, and with each Lunar Cycle. Yes, I already offer very basic Ceremonies on Instagram and that is not going to change BUT these memberships go deeper.
Let us be challenged together to stay in alignment with a look at different areas of life, balance, self care, friendship, relationship, family matters, education, self-learning, books, movies, and anything else you can think of.
We find this Soul Work by following the Moon and trusting Her to lead us.
Join me.
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Buy me a coffee once a month
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This tier is a thank you for the free gifts I offer on Instagram regularly. 

Soul Work with the Moon
per month

This tier will get you 2x monthly Soul Work with Lunar Astrology updates + associated Ceremonies & Rituals. 

- Lunation Astrology

- Soul Work Exercises w/ Each Lunation

- Ceremonies & Rituals

 - each New & Full Moon, you will receive a step by step Moon Ceremony, plus an Soul Work Exercise to go with the astrological relations. Lots of bonuses throughout! 

3 Card Reading plus Lunation
Limited (16 remaining)
per month

This tier will includes everything in the Soul Work Membership PLUS a Monthly 3 Card Reading on a subject, theme, or questions of your choice. 

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