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This whole time
While exploring the edge of existence,
undeterredly refusing to give up this valuable gift of being alive
in exchange for economic stability
(which is a collapsing illusion anyway)
I've been selfish,
and kept so much to myself.
I fail to generate products for consumption.
This reflection has only so far managed so be observed
in the format of a
living testimony
in the way I treat others,
in the person I've become along this ride.
It's taken some convincing,
some rougher circumstances of employment unfitting,
to bring me to this understanding
That I am not self reliant, rather I am
 a daring member of an authentic community.
A collaborator in the transition,
A representative from the realm of statistical anomalies.
Count me in.
We will bring forth this new economy,
For without financial substance,
How will I ever support anyone else?
I wish to belong to a circular economy and send these kudos around.
Pay it forward, play it forward, fund the research into human Being.
Abundance is a powerful drug,
you should feel what I'm feeling.
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Acess to Worn; poetic travel narratives
per month
I have written on some deeply personal and potentially profound moments of oneness with all life, as I travel, as I am enlivened or discouraged. Very relatable. Not free. 7 Poems hand written alongside dried and pressed flowers. Very kitsch. Download available as a zip file or shared as .jpg directly to your inbox (your choice).
You Believe In Me
per month
Perhaps you've met the creature that I inhabit. You know my default setting is for service and you've witnessed my allergy for compromising toward a greedy social ecosystem. You know what I am building, learning, designing and you think it wouldn't hurt to put some help in my pocket. You're right. Thank you ally and angel!
Tea & Betterment
per month
From time to time I host gatherings. Sometimes these will be workshops on social permaculture or resilient food economies, sometimes they will be facilitations of cultural niche topics like the Transforming Capitalism Lab or open relating, and best of all I conduct tea ceremonies to teach mindfulness, biological harmony with the elements and environment, and simple joy. If you have attended one of these sessions and/or would like early access (and exorbitant discounts) on future event

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