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Everyone loves to feel supported. Join this tier and you'll be doing just that. Plus you'll get a sticker or magnet (UK only) as a thank you.

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Members in this tier get free stuff! We'll be looking at small merch runs twice a year so you'll get something for signing up, and something else every 6 months of membership.

What are the things?

We don't know yet! But probably smaller stuff like stickers, fridge magnets, and a little surprise gift.

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Same as above, but bigger! Two VERY exclusive merch runs a year, probably comprising of something like hats t-shirts and hoodies. Maybe mugs. 

The fun will be in finding out! We promise these will look good (we want decent merch for ourselves at the very least) and you wont be embarrassed to show your support in public cus you'll look so cool with all the gear. Probably.


You too could own a Wild things beanie just like Prince Harry's wearing here (’cept he's got it on the wrong way round)!

Following the launch of Wild things in November 2019 we very quickly started to think about ways of growing the brand, and creating a physical presence alongside the website and social media platforms. We did a sample product and the response has indicated there might be some demand for further branded products!

As well as this, there are a lot of areas of running a digital agency that require a huge amount of unbilled time, so we want to try and allocate a small budget to those things. Those activities include writing content and creating social media posts, some video work (which isn't cheap!), and cheeky little side projects that help to inform and grow our paid work.

So that's why we decided to use Patreon to offer a Tiered Membership Package, and whatever we earn from that will go directly into those projects.

You can offer as much or as little as you want. All we ask is that you (hopefully) enjoy the content we create, and get involved as much as you can, whether that's in sharing or commenting, and generally spreading the word, every little helps.

Thanks for your support, as it all helps Wild things to become as much a real-world physical brand as it is a digital brand. :)

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