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Join the Inner Circle and get my exclusive new song release every month here on Patreon.. available nowhere else!


  • Access to New Original Song every month! This month's new song release is "Mystery Girl".
  • MP3 download of this month's new song.
  • Invite to Inner Circle Members-only Facebook.
The Live Stream
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Watch and engage with 2 weekly live stream shows for Inner Circle Members-only + all new song release archives.


  • Invitation to Members-only live stream performances on Thursdays and Saturdays via YouTube. 
  • Access to every new song release and MP3 download archived from Sep. '19 onwards.
  • +ALL REWARDS above this! 
The Sing A-long
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Sing a-long to my original songs with access to backing tracks from my "XP - Best Of"  album, including all new song releases + 25% off tour show tix and CDs too.


  • Access to instrumental backing tracks from the "XP - Best Of" album and additional new song releases (currently 13 total).
  • 25% discount on tour show tickets and CD albums.
  • MP3 download of my complete 'XP - Best Of' album.
  • +ALL REWARDS above this! 





I'm a Canadian rock singer / songwriter creating new classic rock songs to share with the world. I've released 3 albums of original music since 2008 and my 4th album 'The Blinding Heights' is currently releasing as one new song each month to my Inner Circle EXCLUSIVELY on Patreon: 

Get "Mystery Girl" RIGHT HERE for $1!

It's a privilege to create and share my independent music thanks to the support of an incredible community of patrons! Here's an example of my work:

I'm honored to have been a successful a creator on this platform since 2014 and believe that the patronage model is a fantastic way to support the music I create and perform! Please consider monthly membership to my Inner Circle for $1 (or more) to get access to each new song I release monthly:

New song "Mystery Girl" Available Now! 

These new original songs are full-band, studio quality, album worthy tunes
that showcase the pinnacle of my recordings as both an artist and music producer. They are available for streaming and MP3 download for Inner Circle Members-only because as my most important fans in the world
YOU are the foundation of my rock n' roll nation!

Your support via Patreon membership allows me to continue writing, recording, live streaming and touring the new rock songs I release every month.

The Inner Circle continues to make it possible for me to fulfill my dream of creating the best music I can to share with YOU and Planet Earth!

Thank you and Rock on, Will 👽

$1 / month: 'The Inner Circle'

Access to a New Original Song every month! 
This month's new song is "Mystery Girl".
New songs from my upcoming 4th album 'The Blinding Heights' release exclusively each month on Patreon.

MP3 download of this month's new song 
Invite to Inner Circle Members-only Facebook Group.

$3 / month: 'The Live Stream'

Invitation to members-only live stream performances on Thursdays and Saturdays via YouTube.
Live stream shows start at 2 PM EST / 7 PM UK and I perform original and cover song requests for viewers.. Saturdays are a 'theme' show too! ;)
Access to new song release archives from previous months. 
Get caught up on any exclusive song releases you might have missed, plus their MP3 downloads too.
Includes ALL REWARDS above this!

$5 / month: 'The Sing A-Long'

Access to instrumental backing tracks to sing a-long with from my "XP - Best Of" album along with monthly new song release.
You'll get a link to the Members-only 'sing a-long' website with songs online for streaming and downloadable lyric sheets as well.
25% discount on tour show tickets and CD albums from webstore.
MP3 download of my 12 song 'XP - Best Of' album.

 Plus ALL REWARDS above this!

$10 / month: 'The ShoutOut'

A personal birthday music video ShoutOut sent to you for your special day! 
I love being able to do this for my hardcore fans and no worries.. I'll only ask for the day, not the year. ;)
ShoutOut included in live 'single' performance video each month thank you for your support.
Signed postcard from the road mailed to you twice a year.

And ALL REWARDS above this!

$20 / month: 'The Video Request'

Request any original song performed for you on video every month with a personal ShoutOut included.
More than 30 original songs to choose from and the list is growing bigger every month! Go ahead and make your song dedication to a friend or family member too.
Inner Circle Welcome Package mailed to you (includes signed 'Dancing With The Dead' CD, 2 'Will Black' logo stickers, personally autographed 'Welcome' card, 1 guitar pic and signed fridge magnet).
Must be a $20 Level Member for 2 months before receiving Welcome Package in post.
Includes ALL REWARDS above this!

$40 / month: 'The Forever Fan'

Personally signed photo lyric card sent to you each month.
The photo card changes each month and will always be an original song signed to you personally.
Plus ALL REWARDS above this!

$75 / month: 'The Intimate & Interactive Package'

 30 min. private live stream all-request show every month via Facetime (Facebook) or Skype. 
Private live stream shows are scheduled well in advance for a convenient time that works for everyone.
And ALL REWARDS above this!

$150 / month: 'The Rockstar Deluxe'

 1 hr. private live stream show every month (upgraded from previous 30 min. reward). 
Personally designed rock t-shirt sent to you once a year.
Something unique and special personalized for Members-only at this amazing level of support.
Must be a $150 Level Member for 4 months before receiving custom t-shirt.

Includes ALL REWARDS above this!

$300 / month: 'The Muse'

 Personalized original songlet written and recorded for you with vocal and guitar twice a year. (45 secs. long approx.) 
YOU are my muse! I'll be in touch with you 2 times a year to find out what you would like your songlet to be about. Your support at this level LITERALLY forces me to continue creating new music that is special and true.. amaze-ballz :)
Must be a $300 Level Member for 4 months before receiving your first song and 8 months before your 2nd song each year.
Plus ALL REWARDS above this!

$1000 / month: 'The Rock N' Roll Saint'

1 original song commission written and recorded with full band for you each year + personal recording studio experience as I record your song! 
Covers the cost of return flights and 2 nights accommodation to join me in recording your song (in Canada, US or UK) and be an inclusive part of the independent rock musician experience!
This is epic.. anyone who is brave / crazy / wealthy / criminal / loving enough to support at this zenith of Inner Circle Membership gets everything I have to give -  you are a saint!
Must be a $1000 Member for 1 year before receiving your recording experience and song commission.
 Includes EVERYTHING on Patreon! ..wow  

Do I have to pay in US Dollars? No, you can pay in any currency including:
Patreon is a US-based website with pricing displayed and charged in US Dollars and will be automatically converted during billing at the start of each month. *note: Patrons based in the UK & the European Union will have a VAT charge added to each monthly payment.

I don't have much money, can I still become a Patron? Yes, please only sign up to donate what you can easily afford. Even $1 per month contributes greatly and is much appreciated! :) Thank you.

Can I stop donating in the future if I can't afford it? Absolutely! You can log in to change or cancel your pledge or membership to Patreon whenever you want.

I still have questions, can you help me? Not a problem. :) If you have questions about using Patreon or encounter any problems during the signup process, the Patreon support team is awesome and really helpful! You can send them a message by clicking here. If you have questions specifically about my page or rewards, my music or just want to drop me a 'Hello', you can message me directly the moment you become a Patron! I'll personally reply back ASAP. ;)
105 of 500 patrons
Once we reach my very first MILESTONE GOAL, I will create and send everyone their very own "Inner Circle" badge to wear with pride - think 'the Lone Ranger'. Rock on!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,258 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,258 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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