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Marian and I have always been humanitarians at heart and we've taken isolated steps to help those in need many times over the years. We were brainstorming to come up with a way where we can help those who aren't getting enough food or aren't getting adequate nutrition on a more regular basis. Isolated acts of kindness were not enough. Enter 'Will Hike For Food'. 

When I think about kids going hungry, it breaks my heart.

We have personally pledged $100 per month to feed those in need through hand delivered goods and services, yet we want to do more. With this Patreon page and your pledge (no matter how small), whether it's $1, $5, $10, or $100, you can do your part in helping to feed men, women, & children in need. 

Transparency - We are all about transparency, so this is how the funds will be distributed and how you can check on the accountability of your pledge.
  • 50% will go directly to feeding the hungry in the form of hand delivered curated groceries.
  • 50% will go directly to maintaining our YouTube channel under the same name (Will Hike For Food) which will be used to help raise awareness to this cause.
  • You will have access to an online resource to view every food purchase (including receipts), see who you helped, and a link to the video if the recipient agrees to go on camera. 

Final Notes: Dig deep. Find it in you to help others. We all talk a big talk, but when it comes to taking action, we fall short. This can happen no more. Together, we can increase the quality of lives for those in need. Please, make a pledge today.
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