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About William Gillis

If you're here you know who I am and the sort of things I write. I would like to do more of that.

Introduced to anarchism when I was five and organizing since I was thirteen, I have over two decades of complex thoughts and arguments that have been building pressure in my skull. I'm a slow writer and my hard drives are filled with essays that I haven't had the time to finish. Some financial breathing room would provide me the time and focus necessary.

If what the world needs most right now is more think pieces written by 3edgy5u millennials who can turn a phrase, maybe invest in me?

Here are some already significantly developed projects of mine along more explainable avenues that I would like to finish:

  • A Million Flickering Points of Communism (a systematic presentation of why leftists should embrace markets)

  • Social Capital and Informal Power Dynamics (an overview)

  • Anarchism Against Community / Anarchism Against The Self

  • Anarchy Has Never Before Been Possible (sousveillance, rape culture, and the future)

  • Anarchism vs Nihilism (my critique of the nihilist fad specific to anarchist circles of the past decade, possibly getting divided into two pieces, the other focusing on the social context: "Burnouts Without Backbone")

  • Anarchism for Geeks: Reality Can Be Your Fandom

  • An as yet unnamed overview of why IP is the devil

Obviously everything I produce will be in the public domain -- just as everything else in the universe is -- and I won't be rudely hiding anything behind Patreon's paywall. But I may put up notifications about new content on humaniterations.net or c4ss.org or the IEET or whatever.
$360.87 of $400 per month
Punk rent / hostel costs entirely covered. Will scrounge or oddjob for food and spend most of my time writing.
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