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I am the author of numerous books on Taoist thought, including the popular "The Parent's Tao Te Ching."  Nancy and I have given away our furniture, left our house, and have settled on a small piece of family land in Mt. Shasta, California. We live in an old motor home and are renovating a small cabin on the property.

My personal spiritual journey has given me a unique perspective on humanity and our place on Earth. I have been an Engineer, a clergyman, a Family Therapist, a college instructor, a Zen/Taoist teacher, and an author. Each part of my life has prepared me for the present moment.

Now, in my 75th year, I am faced with a conundrum. The choice that Lao-Tzu made when he finished his work - to go over the mountain pass and into the West - continues to be alluring to me. Lao-Tzu left behind his transcendent poetry. Were I to go into total seclusion now, I would also leave behind my poetry. (Perhaps not transcendent, but my own.) I have become somewhat of a mountain hermit already, having severed many ties with my culture. Still a nagging sensation in my spirit hints that I have words yet to write. The role of a spiritual Elder is no longer theoretical for me. I am that. I can’t “aw shucks” it away in an attempt to deny my responsibility by hiding behind a facade of humility. I must continue to ponder and to write that which emerges from my pondering.

As I enter what I hope is the most creative and vital segment of my life, I am led to ask for patronage. I will be depending on this venue for the support of my later years of Elder creativity. This patronage will enable me to write and teach with a degree of freedom; in a sense to have “tenure” in this last part of my life.

I blog regularly on www.freedomsimplicityandjoy.com and Nancy blogs on www.freedomsimplicityandjoy.com Please join us on these sites to be part of our community. All programs and other offerings on these sites are "gifts" - available for any or no donation.

You can become a patron for any monthly amount. I'm not offering rewards except the knowledge that through my website we, together, can reach all of those who might be helped by what I do.
$155.63 of $1,000 per month
With a support of $1000 per month, Nancy and I will be able to sustain our simple life, offering our writing, teaching, and guidance wherever needed. Thank you for your help.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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