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About William Rumley

Hi, my name is Bill. I am a visual artist, mainly working with 3D in DAZ Studio and Blender. I specialize in rendering the likenesses of real people in my own, unique anime style that I call a "hybrid" of East and West. I bet you're wondering why I have a Patreon page. Well, while I am fairly popular, commissions are not a good way to make a living, and so I feel that by setting this up I can land some sort of steady income to help me with improving my artwork, purchasing assets, and learning.

I have re-assessed my standing on the internet and have realized that my art style will not gain any sort of significant traction. To that end, I have decided to re-open this page as simply a way for fans of my work to support what I do. I feel uncomfortable in paywalling my regular content, as that would crush what little following I have worked very hard to develop over the course of a decade. I have added role integrations on my Discord server, and I would like to offer stuff like VIP status on my Twitch streams (whenever I decide to start streaming again). And I will add existing content as an incentive, in the form of available wallpapers. In the future I may add tutorial videos here, if there is interest.

I don't expect to gain much traction here, but I do want to offer a way for fans to support what I do with a little cash here and there, without resorting to begging. Nobody likes a beggar.... right?

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