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Every new song (before it's released to the public) in whatever file format you'd like!

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+ Exclusive music/videos only available to Patreton supporters! 




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About Will Magid

Here I am in the studio with miles writing this post. 

 I recently decided to release most of the music  directly to people like you first, and then set up the vinyl/online streaming stuff afterwards...

If you want to hear this music as I finish it, make a contribution on a per song basis. 
In the year If you're concerned about going over your budget, there's an easy way to set a monthly maximum for yourself when you're entering your payment info.

You can change your pledge amount and cancel at anytime.

If I can get enough funds, I will create crazy cool videos with an animator. Will be EPIC. 

For now, I have several songs in progress that employ orchestral strings, West African percussion, saxophones, drums, ambient noises, upright bass, acoustic piano, tuba, trombone, lots of trumpet, and so much more. (Listen for a sneak peak of the sounds in the video above!).

Thank you for supporting the arts.  With no record label I seriously couldn't do this without you. 

Please pledge per song today
- 50c, $1 , $2, $5, $100 - whatever works for you!

PS.  After making a pledge,  I'll give you the password to this scandalous video of me.

$130 of $150 per song
When we raise $150 per song I will spend a day giving free music lessons at my studio in SF. I'll post a schedule online with various hours for different activities (example: 1pm - blending live instruments with electronics(live and in studio), 2pm - recording horns, 3pm - DJing with Ableton live 4pm - ways to stay motivated to practice, etc). I'll stream this all online via a Google Hangout so you can participate wherever you are. 
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