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About Beta Readers Wanted

It is the Annum 2.9^12.
Humanity searches for a way to travel outside their native galaxy.
After eons of struggle, some left their neighbors behind.
Colonies float near the edge of intergalactic space.
Equality and Peace have yet to be achieved.

Dossam Colony drifts through space alone, economy collapsing, solar anchors dispersing; this is life at the edge of Julian's Arm. Nobility lives on Dossam Major, the topside. Pat lived on the bottom. Last week, Pat was seen walking around on the moon, but—whatever that thing is—it's not her. Three so-called "ambassadors" showed up looking for Pat, supposedly wanting to help her. The first ambassador was angry. The second seemed afraid. The third disappeared after the riot, after the ground opened up, after the massacre at Séduisante and the lunar collapse. Pamphlets call for revolution. Get ready. Arm yourselves. Choose your family wisely, because this—whatever it is—is where we start. 

By Design is an upcoming book series. "Will of the Wise" is book one.
Genre: Future Fiction
Sub-genre: Political drama / Science fiction
Length: ~50 chapters / 180-200k words
  • This book is a multi-pov novel, following five central characters and their supporting cast. With the exception of epistolary bridge sections, the story is told through limited third person.

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Content Rating: PG-13
This trilogy's background and setting were designed to discuss mature themes, such as ideological absolutism, stages of adult development, and the mixture of revolt and pride. This is done in the pulp style, with special attention given to the fantastical inner workings many associate with science fiction. Strong language appears throughout the story, with the occasional smattering of mildly sexual situations. Violence, as in violence for violence's sake, violence of action, and violence used to convey plot is, as far as the author is concerned, the eternal crutch of bad fiction; therefore, large quantities of violence are guaranteed (at certain crucial points). The only people who think this book is funny are people who know they're going to get cancer someday (probably today, actually). In summary, if you are a flexible, educated reader with a cinematic mind and an easy-going spirit, this future epic is meant for you.

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