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Get access to an on-going blog series where I go back and write about every Adventure Time episode from the beginning, one at a time, with my life partner Trevor. Additionally, you will have access to shorter essays & migrated posts from letterboxd. 

General Film Criticism
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General Film Criticism includes the following;
*Adventure Talk with Willow & Trevor
*Reviews of new releases.    
*Essays on time specific projects (i.e. horror movies in October)
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One essay per month on one of my 100 favourite films. It is here where I pour my heart out and dig deep. These would be major essays that go in depth on why these films in particular struck a chord with me and still do to this day.

This tier also includes the following;
*Adventure Talk with Willow & Trevor
*General Film Criticism



About Willow Catelyn Maclay

I'm a freelance film critic stationed in St. John's, Newfoundland. I have written for outlets such as The Village Voice, Ebert Voices, CinemaScope Magazine, Cleo: A Journal of Film & Feminism, The Film Stage, Oscillioscope Labs, and MUBI Notebook among others. I've ran my own blog, Curtsies and Hand Grenades, for the past five years with a focus on women filmmakers, genre cinema and LGBT topics. I have been featured on podcasts and radio broadcasts such as CBC's q radio, Peter Labuza's "The Cinephilliacs" and the Film Stage's podcast on Twin Peaks, "Dark Mood Woods".

I have a passion for film and film criticism that has guided me my entire life, and I hope to make it my forever career one of these days. What I'm going to be doing with patreon is creating a new home away from home where I can treat you to some of my newer writing projects. I hope you will enjoy
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If I reach this goal I will not have to work a separate job in addition to writing, and I will be able to post essays/reviews/musings on a daily basis.
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