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Your level of support is nothing short of heroic!  In addition to the above rewards, I'll put in you in my super-elite circle of awesome people, and I'll do my best to run a game for you yearly at a convention we both attend.




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About Willow Palecek

Hello Patreons!

Maybe you've played one of my games, like Awesome Adventures or Escape from Tentacle City.  Maybe you've heard about Exploding Kingdoms.  Maybe you've read one of my posts on G+ or my blog.  Maybe you've played in a game with me at a convention, like at Forge Midwest.

Maybe you want to help support me to continue making awesome things for people to enjoy.  In that case, this Patreon is for you!

By supporting this Patreon, you'll enable me to continue making awesome games, adventures, and other interesting and fantastic things.  You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at what I'm working on, the ability to get digital games before anyone else, and you'll be directly contributing to making the world a little more awesome.  Let's go make some awesome stuff!
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Each month, I'll post a video update to the Patreon page.  My cat, Rocket will make a special guest appearance.
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