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About Will Pye

"Death is certain, its timing uncertain, so what is important now?"

These are the first words I read following a brain cancer diagnosis in 2011, as if this were the key question upon which living a thriving, healthy life depended.

My answer is doing what I love: coaching, writing, speaking, and creating community in service of personal and collective healing, well-being and evolution.

Living this answer has so far resulted in two well-received books - Blessed with a Brain Tumor and The Gratitude Prescription - many blogs, podcasts, videos, opportunities to speak and teach in over a dozen countries, and the creation of the not for profit, Love & Truth Party. 

Love & Truth Party is a self-organising global community of awakening teaching Oneness, Being and Plenty. We are distributing Love Letters from the Universe in 10 countries and counting - witness the magic of Love in Action here - offering free resources for mental health, online gatherings and creating consciousness raising events such as public eye-gazing meditations.

Here is the full Love & Truth Party site.

Check out my personal website.

I’d love to continue to grow this work and need your support to do so. Help me heal by being a source of Love & Truth in our world!

You can support writing more blogs, books and continuing to grow the reach and impact of Love & Truth Party including the TruthLover podcast.

Help Love & Truth Party reach our goal of creating a million moments of connection and awakening with the Love Letters from the Universe whilst giving free access to powerful and effective resources for well-being and sacred activism!

Your monthly gift will help cover the technical and administrative costs of producing quality writings, the TruthLover podcasts, videos and both online and real world events. Such costs include web hosting and maintenance, design work, software subscriptions and more. This totals upwards of $400 per month in fixed costs. My writing income is inherently variable and I give much of what I do for free and without advertising. Hence, this opportunity to chip in a few bucks a month.

By your becoming a Patreon supporter you are helping to create a more kind and conscious world.

Any monthly amount, no matter how small, will be gratefully received. By way of example if 150 people give $3 a month or 60 give $7 a month we will have all our fixed costs covered.

Thank You!

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