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Thank you very much for being a supporter! You will have access to my Patreon activity feed which includes exclusive downloads of all my new finished tracks! They will be released here before anywhere else, and I will be keeping everyone updated on what i'm doing!


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You'll have access to my activity feed, exclusive music downloads, and Works in Progress, so you'll be able to listen to my music as I create it!

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Activity feed, downloads, and an exclusive album, which will be released especially for my Patreon supporters, which will have some of the most recent music i've made over the past few months!




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About WillRock


My name is Will Harby, better known by my artist moniker "WillRock" in the video game music community. I have made over 70 free video game remixes, and also release original music. I love both making music and video games, so putting the two together was always a forgone conclusion :)

I'm probably best known for my work on OverClocked Remix, having over 40 remixes of free video game remixes accepted on the website.

You can listen one of my remixes, The Moon theme from Ducktales right here: 

I also make original music, both for fun and as in video game/film. 

I'd say my signature style is Progressive synth rock with chiptune elements, with a strong emphasis on melody and big epic sound design. 

You can hear one of my original tracks here: 

I'd love to be able to do this as a full time job, in order to do that, I need your help. So I ask that if you enjoy my music, please consider supporting me! Its for a good cause! ^-^

So... why should you support me? Well, you will have access to all my tracks as soon as they are finished! Everything will be posted here before they're officially released! That includes WIPs and tracks I'm unlikely to finish, which means there will be work I'm posting here that won't see the light of day anywhere else!

Since i've set an amount per song, I guess you'll be wondering about my output consistency. The plan is to do 2-3 tracks a month, if time and inspiration permits me. That said, I will not be going over 3 per month.

Being able to earn a living from my music is my dream, and if you enjoy my work and want to see more, please consider being my supporter on patreon! 

Thank you for reading this and for all your help and support. I can't do this without you and I fully appreciate the opportunity i've been given to be allowed to do this. Help me make my dream a reality! :D


  • "Can I change my pledge?"
    Of Course! If you suddenly think what you're pledging is too expensive, by all means, bring down your pledge. In regards to the remix request reward, you have my blessing to do the $80 pledge and change it when the initial payment goes through.
  • "Is the remix request a 1 time offer? I don't want to keep paying $80 per song for one remix!"
    No, the remix request is ongoing, BUT bare in mind that I will be only taking one request per person at a time. Plus, depending on how many pledges I get, it may take me a while to finish your request. I generally expect it'll take me 2 weeks per remix, so if I had 3 pledges, expect a 90-120 day wait, very roughly. At this level i'd be sending you all private updates on how i'm getting on, so you'd always been in the loop, so don't worry about me not being in touch regarding it. Its possible that I could get overworked with too many pledges at this level, in which case I will be putting up a limitation.
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They say music is only limited by your imagination, but having good equipment helps bring those ideas to life. It would allow me to take my music to the next level!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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