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My many thanks for your support!

$1 /mo
My sincerest thanks and appreciation.  I will make sure to keep the wellspring of Frank and Steinway and Grace flowing every month, drought be damned!! You'll have access to my activity stream, whe...

Wish you were here, said the post card!

$3 /mo
My thanks of course!  But along with the rewards mentioned in the lower tier, I will also send you a postcard featuring Frank and Steinway and all the principal characters.  I will include a person...


$5 /mo
All the lower tier rewards, and you will have access to my blog about cartoons and other musings.  I will also send you a PDF version of Frank and Steinway's book!  I'll also do a posts feature whe...

The artist formerly known as Prints!

$10 /mo
All of the lower tier rewards, plus you will get a print copy of any new cartoon collection we create.  I'll give you access to patron only videos. These videos will comprise of either tutorials, v...

Commission Sketcherino!

$20 /mo
This is the commission SKETCH tier.  You can tell me what you'd like me to draw and I'll draw  it.  Please keep it classy.   It will be a pencil drawning on nice bristol paper and mailed to you wit...

Freelancer? I don't even know her!

$50 /mo
This is my discounted FREELANCE tier.  Use this if you want a simple, professionally drawn inked piece, whatever it may be.  Please keep in good taste.  Get an original drawing of a superhero.  You...