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About Wilvarin Liadon

Welcome to my Patreon page!

Probably you know me from DeviantArt. I`m a digital artist from Latvia, mostly I`m creating MLP related artwork, but I do have a lot of other interests which might reverberate in my drawings

Time to time I`m uploading Speed Video Processes of my works on Patreon and on my YouTube channel. I also have in plan to share my drawing methods with others and to make Video Tutorails as soon as I`ll have enough time for them. Because I`m making a living from my artwork, sometimes it`s hard to find a bit more free time for drawing something else than commissions or adoptables, especialy because of my recent move to Russia.
It`s important to me to move forward, so I`m also practicing a lot to lift my drawing skills.

If you like my artworks and do think it's worth your support, your pledges would mean a lot to me. I much appreciate every little bit and it would help me to make more fanart and to improve my landscape/scenery skills.

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Visiting a Bronycon in USA :D I really wanna meet you all; drawing more scenery artwork
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